The Philosophy of Rendang

The Philosophy of Rendang is food from Indonesia that is Worldwide 01/03/2023 cleoon news Each raw material in Padang rendang has its own meaning and philosophy. Quoting the Sari Bundo page, each of the main ingredients mentioned has an implied meaning about the social strata of the Minangkabau community, namely; The beef used in rendang […]

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Rendang Gadih: a rendang brand from West Sumatra, which won the 2022 Indonesia Halal Industry Awards 02/03/2023 cleoon news photo source: instagram @dedysyan the award received by the Rendang Gadih brand which was given directly by the Minister for the Economy of the Republic of Indonesia and the Minister of Industry of the Republic of

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cooperation agreement

Wanting to bring Rendang Gadih to the world, PT Cleoon Shankara Indonesia agreed to work with PT Gadih Minang Anugerah 04/03/2023 cleoon news source: cleoon documentation Signed by PT Cleoon Shankara Indonesia and PT Gadih Minang Anugerah On February 2, 2023, PT Cleon Shankara Indonesia agreed to cooperate with PT Gadih Minang Anugerah. both parties

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History of rendang

Rendang: Indonesian History and Culture from the Minangkabau 28/02/2023 cleoon news source: media-kitlv.nl Rendang is a typical Indonesian dish which is famous all over the world. This dish is made from beef cooked in spices and thick coconut milk. Rendang has a spicy and rich taste of spices, and can last for several days or

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