PT CLEOON SHANKARA INDONESIA serves as an export company and international partner for the renowned Rendang Gadih brand, along with other distinguished Indonesian food brands. Our commitment extends towards contributing to the advancement of the Indonesian economy and fulfilling global demands through a diverse range of processed, agricultural, plantation, and marine products.

In collaboration with various stakeholders, we actively participate in fostering a more robust global economy. At the heart of our operations lies a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction, guided by our core values of integrity, commitment, quality, and innovation.

Our unwavering priority is directed towards continually enhancing the excellence of our company. To achieve this, we view all customers as valued partners, striving to meet and exceed their expectations.



Act consistently between what is said with his behavior according to values, namely presenting honesty and fairness in every action we take is useful for being a good partner


Our commitment to maintain relationships with shareholders, consumers, and business partners who have worked together


Maintaining quality is important for the company. quality of service, quality of goods and quality of partners from our business


Continue to develop products and service quality as well as adapt to the progress of the times in a better direction

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